The Great Art Throwdown

The Great Art Throwdown, presented at EARCOS, 2019 is a fun challenge I do with my art class to promote creativity, decision making and critical thought. It is based on the great UK challenge shows such as British Bake Off and Great Pottery Throwdown. I frame it into two classes: with the first presenting the idea and art making and then the second with the open judging. I like to mix up the challenges with various activities. So far, I’ve done the pottery paint design (taken from a Pottery Throw Down Skill Challenge), spray paint planets, tape sculptures, among others. Students find the challenges, of course, challenging, but fun. I like them for so many reasons. It takes me out of the ‘instructor’ position which allows students to develop creativity and critical thought by problem solving themselves. It helps them to think quick and to focus on making art. It also helps them to bond and develop creative confidence. And with the judging portion, they learn how subjective art can be.

PDF Download: great_art_throwdown_master

Our Inspiration Video:

Our students at work. After watching the inspiration video and presenting the materials, the students got to work! I circulated with my iphone video and asked them questions to create that ‘art throwdown’ feeling.
Our judges! Student sit quietly and watch the judges discuss their works. They are encouraged to say nothing and not to reveal anything about who made the artworks until the end. These judges are teachers at SIS – and I choose them specifically from a wide range of backgrounds – to make the opinions interesting. This is our Economics teacher, our Librarian and our IT expert.
Let’s hear what the student’s say!