Shekou International (SIS)

SHEKOU INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Shekou, Shenzhen, China August 2017 – Present

SIS has been (and still is) a wonderful place to work and teach with a caring community chock full of motivated, engaged students. I have been able to refine my art teaching skills and further develop my own artistic skills – as well as elevate the awareness and profile of our art programme throughout the school and the community. Being part of a large school Arts team has given me opportunities to support and encourage students in a range of new possibilities; such as music concerts, coffee houses, big art shows, art installations, IB art galleries, engaging with local artisans, collaborations with our Level 5 learning space and communicating with ISS EDU through instagram and twitter. I’ve also been able to focus on developing our technology and innovative practices, exploring ways our art classes can further engage in digital arts, film studies, photography and recently VR. The community of Shekou and our SIS PSA have given me opportunities to network and develop relationships with the other campuses of our school, local businesses and other international schools in the school. It’s been an exciting, vibrant and highly artistic few years!

Click to view 2017-2018 portfolios of student works: Middle School: (Grade 6, Grade 7, Electives), High School Art and IB DP Art.

Click to view 2018-2019 portfolios of student works: Middle School: (Grade 6, Grade 7/8, Digital Art), High School Art and IB DP Art.

Other involvements include:

  • Member of SIT Team for IB Development (2017-2018)
  • Member of Wellness Committee (2018-2019)
  • Member of Scheduling Committee (2019-2020)
  • Member of WASC Accreditation Team – Art (2019-2020)
  • Grade 10 Year Advisor, Leader of Week Without Walls Trips
  • Teacher Advisor for School ASAs: Newspaper, Mural Painting, School Calendar, Fashion Show

SIS follows an American based curriculum with IB DP during the last 2 years. During my tenure, I have taught and developed my own MS art classes, developed a rotation of MS classes through 2D/3D/4D; planning and creating resources for both 3D and 4D classes, taught HS art classes, planned and developed a digital art space, created online class notebooks for all classes as well as used Atlas for planning. I teach both G11 and 12 combined IB1/ IB2 classes along with everything that includes from planning, sourcing materials, inspiring and motivating students, following deadlines and organizing their (always highly popular) exhibitions. I also created an online IB DP VA resource blog for students to help support their IB journey.

Click for IB DP VA Blog:

Stay tuned for more. My journey at SIS is far from over.