International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE)

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL EASTERN SEABOARD Chonburi, Thailand.  August 2013 – June 2015

At ISE, I was the Art Teacher for Middle and Secondary school, responsible for the planning and implementation of Arts curriculum (7-12) following the guidelines set out in the ISE Secondary Curriculum as well as IB DP Visual Arts Course.

Our IB DP class was highly successful and during 2014 ISE completed construction of their new Arts Space with a Theatre and an Art Gallery which helped to elevate our program and our IB DP Gallery.

Click to view our student portfolios Poetic Juxtapositions and 2015 Perspectives

This also was the impetus to found our Joint Eastern Seaboard Art Group, seeing ISE host the first Joint IB DP Art Gallery (featuring selected works from all international schools in the area: St Michael’s, Regent’s and ISE) . Click here to view highlights from the show.

I was also Home Form teacher for Y11 (2013-14) and Y9 (2014-15) …which meant accompanying our students to the Elephant Nature Park for our annual Thai Studies Trip. (So awesome!!)

Click to view student work portfolios of Secondary Art Medium Classes, Moving Arts Film Prep Class, Lower Secondary Sketchbooks and our Learning Journeys

Other Involvements included:

  • Committee Member of the Assessment Team- to implement Standards based Assessment strategies school-wide
  • MRISA Committee Member representing Art,  responsible for the organization, planning and hosting of MRISA’s collaborative ARTS workshops.
  • ISE Marketing and School Design

We hosted ‘HYBRID’ MRISA’s Cultural Exchange at ISE (2014) and travelled to Saigon South International School (2015) .  Both were amazing collaborative successes!

Click to view highlights from our first floor total redesign – our ‘School Beautification Project’ – using feng shui in the design to bring success and harmony to ISE

At ISE, we were very lucky to be surrounded by absolute natural beauty – our campus is located in the middle of a golf course! And during our Thai Studies Trips, each age group visited different areas of Thailand to immerse themselves in the culture and varying natural landscapes that Thailand has. Each location was stunning and the activities the students participated in were unique and mind-expanding. The first year we went my experiences and the photos my students shared of their experiences blew my mind. I created a way to display each experience – each year. I worked with ISE’s principal to come up with a display space and with the help of students we collected and chose photos to display for each year and wrote reflections of the trips. Each year, after the trips, the reveal of the photos selected for display brought back the memories and helped us relive our experiences again.

ISE was a small international school, and so I also assisted administration with Marketing, designing and creating marketing strategies such as billboard and print adverstisements

Click here to view highlights of marketing: our Thai Study Trip display and my marketing designs.

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