English Language Schools (ELS)


ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOLS Toronto, Canada.  July 2007-February 2008, Summers 2008 – 2011

At ELS,  I facilitated ESL learning for International Adult Students studying an Intensive ELS curriculum.  During a full day of classes, I taught Business English, Intensive English, English for Academin Purposes and English for Conversation.  In these classes we covered  Grammar, Conversation, Reading, Writing, TOEIC, and Business English from beginner to advanced.  Also as Canadian teachers, we tried to introduce our culture and our city to our International visitors.  I helped to organize trips to the CN Tower, the AGO, Eaton Centre, Queen Street West, the movies, ice skating and tobogganing in the winter and Toronto Island picnics and street festivals in the summer.

ELS was a fantastic opportunity for me to share my love of Canada, English knowledge and travel.  I was so lucky to meet and teach so many open minded, curious and determined people from around the globe.

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