IB 2019

Another successful IB DP Exhibition! These guys are so awesome! And just to let you know how hard they really worked – here is a peek behind the scenes during the last week prior to the Exhibition.

And to create some excitement…. we created posters and did a social media blitz! Because why not?

And FINALLY! The time has come! The IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition opens it doors! What a fun night! Our halls of SIS came alive with stories of culture, belonging, challenge, family and of course… lots of art!

It was a great night! And many thanks to our SIS community for coming out and supporting our artists! All the students felt so blessed with your support, your positive comments and so many flowers!

And here they are.. the 2018-2019 IB DP Artists (at home in their gallery surrounded by their works). Below, you can view each exhibition screens in more detail. Enjoy!

Alejandra Livingston (SL)

UPDATE: Ale is studying at Simon Fraser University studying Conservation and Outdoor Education

Awani Cuddon (HL)

UPDATE: Awani is attending New York University

Sean Sun (HL)

UPDATE: Sean is at Carnegie Mellon studying Architecture

Luca Mornet (HL)

UPDATE: Luca is attending Parsons School of Design in NYC

Ryan Choi (HL)

Titta Korhonen (HL)

Thea Soderberg (HL)

Tim Su (HL)

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