Art around SIS

Besides our IB art show which I organized alongside with our fabulous IB DP students, we also organize a MS/HS art show in May.
See more about our MS/HS art show from my post on my SIS art blog

During the Art show, I always like to include an ‘ audience participation’ section. This year, inspired by the sticky note art galleries popping up around the world, we decided to create our own! Visitors to the MS/HS art show could illustrate their own sticky note. This was organized (and supervised during the show) by my grade 9 class. We got some really great submissions!

I think contests are great way to get the whole school involved in Art – and if you have been reading through my blog – you will notice I’ve been doing these since my first post at Barrie Central. At each school, they evolve and turn down different avenues – but the basic intent is the same: to mimic real life experiences and get students involved and interested in seeking out opportunities to submit their work and get it out there. I am firm believe in luck and motivation – and based on who is successful in the art world and who is not – skill and creativity are not the only two factors.

In any of contests, there are so many ways to get involved – submitting artworks, voting on artworks and viewing the artworks – so everyone can choose their level of inclusivity. It also creates great conversations and motivates students to step outside of their comfort zones.

See more about our Photo Contests and Art Contests at SIS on my SIS Art Blog

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