YCIS IGCSE Submissions

For the IGCSE submission, the expectation is that the students complete two parts – Coursework and Final Exam during Year 11.

For Coursework, students are expected to submit 4 Preparation Boards and 1 Final Work.   In order to maximize our submissions, we used both sides of our Preparation Boards.  Students could choose their own topic and were expected to show the process of developing their idea and final composition.

Topics for the exam component are released in January, giving the students less than 2 months to prepare (while also doing their coursework).  Exam requires 2 Preparation Boards (to be done ahead of time) and 1 Final Work (completed during an 8 hour exam).

At YCIS, we submitted work in drawing and painting and the students were 100% successful.  All passed!

Coursework Submission: LIFE AND DEATH, Final Work: Pencil and Watercolor

Coursework Submission: NATURAL FORMS, Final Work: Oil Paint

Coursework Submission: THE CYCLE OF LIFE, Final Work: Oil Paint

Coursework Submission: ORGANIC PATTERNS, Final Work: Mixed Media:Acrylic Paint, Paper Cut, Craft

Exam Submission: STREET SELLER, Final Work: Oil Paint

Exam Submission: MOONLIGHT SHADOWS, Final Work: Acrylic Paint

Exam Submission: STRIPES, Final Work: Paper Cut, Watercolour

Exam Submission: FLOWERS IN A GARDEN OR PUBLIC PLACE, Final Work: Oil Paint

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