Getting everyone involved in YCIS Art

Even though YCIS Qingdao was a small developing population, the students were super engaged, creative and artistic.  Parents were eager to be informed and included in the student’s and the few non-Art taking students were always supportive – and (surprising to themselves) able to get involved in the art as well.

In order to engage everyone in art, I developed my blog to showcase our Art work. (Click here to go to YCIS Art Blog)  I filled the walls with displays of student works and also continued with Photo Contests including creating a joint contest with my past school ISE. (Click here to go to ISE vs YCIS)

Every End of Year, Art took over the front lobby with our massive Art Gallery showcasing creative works from K-12 – and I continued with this tradition.. adding a twist. Since, in class, we focused on developing technical skills to prepare ourselves for IGCSE and IB,  I also wanted to allow the students the ability to develop their own critical thought and unique creative style.  So, we started our Art Contests.  Because, really, who doesn’t love a contest!

For each contest, a theme was selected and announced 2-3 weeks prior giving students sufficient (but always not enough) time to create their masterpieces.  Submissions were displayed in a gallery

Portraiture 2015

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CNY 2016

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Flora and Fauna 2016

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YCIS EOY Art Gallery

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