ISE Lower Secondary – Art Mediums

At ISE, we designed the Lower Secondary courses to prepare students for the IB DP programme.  During their LS Art courses, they were able to experiment with many different mediums (illustration, painting, photography, installation, sculpture, etc), develop critical thinking skills… and have fun!

Portraits:  We learnt how to draw realistic portraits with pencil….. then explored PODs Contrast and Emphasis creating interest with oil pastels.

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Paper Cut:  Looking at fairy tales and how one picture can tell the whole story, students worked in groups to create their own layered paper cut composition

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Installation: Students were challenged to listen and observe chosen areas of the ISE campus and then develop an installation that would reflect an aspect that reflects that area.

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Abstract Plaster: Students explored carving skills and abstract movement.

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Surreality:  Choosing images that related to our personality, we explored distortion techniques and juxtaposed ideas onto our portraits. With a base of either blue or red, we created large scale masterpieces

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