Art Learning Journeys at ISE

Because ISE was located in between Pattaya and Bangkok in the middle of a golf course (idyllic i know!) but we were hard pressed to find art galleries close by for day trips. After I settled into Thai life, I was able to explore my surroundings and develop learning trips for my art students to engage with local culture and local artisans as well as more contemporary gallery trips. Having a small class, gave us an advantage transportation wise – as we just needed a van – and we were off and running! Students helped me to plan and navigate our routes (as they were much stronger in the local dialect) and we were also able to connect with a few other international schools in the area, visiting their IB art shows.

Our Learning Excursion into Pattaya: Sanctuary of Truth and the Fishing Dock

Local artisan Khun Bui gives Secondary art students an art lesson on realistic portraiture.

Our trip into Bangkok to MOCA, NIST, Jim Thomson’s House, Patana International and Soi 11.

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