ISE Beautification Project

During my stay at ISE, I worked on the appearance of the Courtyard on the first floor. Inspired by Feng Shui and trips to our MRISA school community, I worked with our leadership team and our maintenance team to design new furniture, paint the walls and floor, hang pictures of our Annual Thai Studies trips and inspirational quotes.  Using the winning photos of our Photo Contests, we created ISE Reads posters to inspire Literacy.

For our Senior Art students legacy project, we painted the large ISE letters (in Thai style and ISE colours) and the circular ‘windows to the imagination’. students. And finally, I designed the inspirational mural on the back wall to highlight ISE Arts programs.  It was completed over the school year with my hardworking Art students.  Thank you to everyone that helped in the project. It was a resounding success!!


Original ISE Courtyard and Original Designs

‘ISE Reads’ Posters (created from winners from our ‘Caught you Reading’ photo contest

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