In 2015, I travelled with ISE Art students to South Saigon International School for our annual Arts Exchange.

Some really cool workshops on offer with lots of opportunities for students to collaborate with Art students from 8 different MRISA schools.  Some of the highlights were Thai Artist NAME Painting workshops, Waterlily Mixed Media, Text Portrait.

Due to building expansion, the SSIS campus had a floor of empty classrooms, that were just about to renovated.  Our Arts X took advantage and created a group collaborative interactive installation art using only recycled materials.  So messy but so fun!

I had so much fun, I didn’t remember to take photos!  Below is only a small sample of the amazing art workshops and work the students did.  The whole weekend was a stunning collaboration of Art, Music and Drama.  My mind blown. (Proud teacher)

For more information, click here to read my article ‘Arts Exchange is a Collaborative Success’

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